Newborn Photo Shoot

I love photographing newborns, and this little Orange County guy was the perfect model.  He let me capture him while he was awake, and then fell asleep at the perfect moment.  Mom and Dad obviously love him so much, and I was so happy to be able to meet this beautiful family.  Here are just a few of their photos…

1.jpg 8-C.jpg 20-B.jpg 14-A.jpg 7-2.jpg 31 - C.jpg 16.jpg 13-B.jpg 12-B.jpg

Lock up your daughters!!!

Look at this little Ladies’ Man!!!  How cute is he?  I can’t believe that I helped throw his Mom’s baby shower and now he is almost two. He was definitely on the move for our entire photo session, and it made for some fun photos!  Believe it or not, these are just a handful of the MANY great photos I got with this beautiful family.  Thanks for a great time, and I hope you enjoy the pics!  

1-Small.jpg 5-Small.jpg 10-Small.jpg 13-Small.jpg 34-Small.jpg 11-Small.jpg 14-Small.jpg 16-Small.jpg 19-Small.jpg 22-Small.jpg 20-Small.jpg 3-Small.jpg 32-Small.jpg 42-Small.jpg 45-Small.jpg 43-Small.jpg 30-Small.jpg 36-Small.jpg

The World's Cutest Butterfly

Ivy was a natural!!!  I think it also helped that Mom and Dad sang and danced for her the entire time.  Thanks Jenny and JJ…you have adorable little girl, and was I so happy to be able to photograph her.

Ivy 3.jpg

Ivy 4.jpg

Ivy 2.jpg

Ivy 1C.jpg 6C.jpg

Playing in the Backyard

The sun was out after a few rainy days, and Dylan wanted to play!  I snapped a few photos while we explored.  :)

October 8<span class='ord'>th</span>.jpg

October 8<span class='ord'>th</span> - 3.jpg October 8<span class='ord'>th</span> - 2.jpg C.jpg

Baby Blues

It’s always amazing to me to be able to look into my daughter’s eyes and see my own Mom.  :) 3.jpg

Snow White

I bought my daughter a Snow White dress to wear on Halloween.  Little did I know that she would want to wear it every day!!!  Here’s a photo of my little princess.  :)

Dylan (2 of 2).jpg


Photographing Ladera Ranch, Aliso Viejo, Newport Beach and all Orange County newborns and their families.