This perfect little family made my job easy!  They were all so sweet and smiled the entire time (well, as long as Mom gave them M&Ms…smart Mom)!!!  :)  It was such a pleasure meeting them during one of my Ladera Ranch photo sessions!  Here are a few of my favorites…

O.jpg P.jpg H.jpg D.jpg J.jpg A.jpg C.jpg

Handsome Little Man

This little guy is already so handsome with his deep blue eyes and dark hair!  He was so sweet, and Mommy did such an amazing job of keeping him happy during his first photo shoot!  I LOVE newborn sessions.  :)

C-small.jpg E6-small.jpg J-blackandwhite-small.jpg N-small.jpg I-new-small.jpg small-O2.jpg H2-small.jpg G2A2-small.jpg D2-small.jpg A3-small.jpg

Valentine Mini-Sessions!

I’m so excited about my Valentine mini-sessions on January 30th for only $50 and wanted to try out a few ideas on my own little princess.  Here are a few of my favorites…

3A-small.jpg 4A-small.jpg 11C-small.jpg 8-small.jpg 7B-small.jpg 14-small.jpg 18-small.jpg 2-small.jpg 9A-small.jpg 16-small.jpg 15-small.jpg 13B-small.jpg 1-small.jpg 17-small.jpg

Valentine Photo Session for only $50!

I will be offering mini-sessions on Sunday, January 30th at a local park.  Sessions will be 30-40 minutes in length and will also include a CD with all of your professionally edited photos.  I will have many heart-shaped props and candy on hand so that we can get the perfect photos to send to family and friends as Valentine’s Day gifts.  Spots are limited, so email me at to reserve one for your family today! Valentine's Day.jpg

Baby Jameson...

I apologize in advance for the number of photos that I am including in this post, but Jameson is my nephew and I just can’t get enough of his sweet face.  :)  Here are a few from his newborn session…

11-small.jpg 6-small_.jpg 13-small.jpg 12-small.jpg 7-small.jpg 3B-small.jpg 15-small.jpg 14-small.jpg 8A-small-less yellow.jpg 5-small-horizontal copy.jpg 2-small.jpg 1-A-small-cropped.jpg 10-blackandwhite-small.jpg 26A-blackand white-small.jpg 23-blackandwhite-small.jpg 4-small.jpg 27-small.jpg 9-small.jpg

Introducing Jameson Styles McMullen!

I am so excited to share a few photos of my new nephew, Jameson.  He is so cute and did so well for his first photo shoot!  I have a ton of photos to edit, but thought I would post a few for now…  :)

1-A-small-cropped.jpg 5-small.jpg 2-small.jpg 3B-small.jpg 4-small.jpg

Another Fun Park Shoot! :)

I finally have some time to catch up on my Blog, and am so excited to add these photos from a Ladera Ranch photo session in December with an amazing family and their super-cute son.  He was definitely into exploring the park, and I had so much fun chasing him around.  :)

Herlihy - 2.jpg Herlihy - 1.jpg Herlihy - 5.jpg Herlihy - 8.jpg Herlihy - 9.jpg Herlihy - 4.jpg Herlihy - 10.jpg Herlihy - 13.jpg Herlihy - 3.jpg Herlihy - 11.jpg Herlihy - 14.jpg Herlihy - 12.jpg

Pregnancy Photos in the Rain!

Wouldn’t you know that it would start raining right at the beginning of our shoot???  Thank goodness Mommy and Daddy- to-be were so easy going and suggested taking the photos at their Ladera Ranch home instead.  We were able to find some great areas to take photos despite the rain clouds overhead!  I can’t wait to meet this gorgeous couple’s little boy in 2011.  He’s already a very lucky boy to have such great parents.  :)

2-small.jpg 21-small.jpg 11-blackandwhite-small.jpg 3-A-small.jpg 5-BlackandWhite-small.jpg 5-small.jpg

Manhattan Beach

This adorable family was on the move for our entire shoot!  Our little model kept us moving around this gorgeous park in Manhattan Beach.  Thank goodness Mom and Dad were full of energy and kept the kids happy with lots of tickles and fun snacks.  Here are a few of the fun photos.  :) 

15-small.jpg 17-small.jpg 4-small.jpg 1-small.jpg H-small.jpg 12-small.jpg 16-D-small.jpg

Downtown Fullerton

This beautiful family wanted to have their photo session in downtown Fullerton, and I was so excited since I had never been there before.  We got some amazing family shots and for some reason I love them so much in black and white.  :)  Oh, and how cute is this little girl?!?!?  She looks like a doll!

2-A-BlackandWhite.jpg 17-small-blackandwhite.jpg 19-blackandwhite-small.jpg 9-A-small-blackandwhite.jpg 28-small-blackandwhite.jpg 26-small-blackandwhite.jpg 22-small.jpg 3-A-smalljpg.jpg


Photographing Ladera Ranch, Aliso Viejo, Newport Beach and all Orange County newborns and their families.