2017 - Back to Work

2016 was a whirlwind!  We welcomed a beautiful baby girl into our family in March, and by May I was photographing a wedding at The Villa in San Juan Capistrano.  Then, it was back to work full time before I knew it.  There have been so many wonderful blessings throughout the year, but boy did the end of 2016 kick my butt!  I definitely underestimated how hard it would be to keep up a crazy busy photograhy schedule along with having a new baby at home.  Ty deserves a Husband of the Year award for taking over many nights when I was busy editing!  Even Dylan helped out more than she probably should have with entertaining her little sister while Mommy worked.  She begged me to stop working around the holidays (insert Mommy guilt here).  So, I literally unplugged my computer as soon as I sent out the last gallery of photos, and haven’t turned it back on until today.  Thank you all for your patience as I made myself take some much-needed time off.  I feel refreshed and even antsy to get back to photography…with a ton of new ideas I can’t wait to bring to life!  :)  Since I didn’t blog a single Fall session, you’ll be seeing a lot of those in the coming weeks.  Also, the ‘Best of 2016’ Contest will be coming soon.  Until then, here are a few of our own family photos taken by the amazingly talented Christie Hobson.  I’m so thankful she captured this special time for us.  Photography is truly a gift…a way to freeze precious moments in a life that is constantly moving faster and faster.  Here’s to an amazing 2017, and remembering to slow down every once in a while to enjoy the wonderful people around us.  

Bolles 024.jpg

Bolles 004.jpg

Bolles 006 - Copy.jpg

Bolles 015.jpg

Bolles 038.jpg

Bolles 030.jpg

Bolles 044.jpg

Bolles 093.jpg

Bolles 088.jpg

Bolles 058.jpg

Bolles 070.jpg

Bolles 113.jpg

Bolles 108.jpg

Bolles 139.jpg

Bolles 097.jpg

Bolles 099.jpg

Bolles 140 - Copy.jpg

Bolles 133.jpg

XO, Heidi

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