Third Grade!

This was the first year Dylan was nervous about going back to school, not that she’d ever admit it.  Starting about two nights ago, she couldn’t fall asleep.  When I went in her room to talk about the start of her third grade year, she’d slowly pull the sheet over the majority of her face.  Only her eyes were peeking out over the top, like she was watching a horror movie.  I remember that exact same feeling…wondering what your teacher would be like, if you would be able to find your friends at recess, who you would sit next to at lunch, or even if anyone would be nice to you at all!  I know all those jitters will go away as soon as she sees her friends, but I wish I could be there all day to make sure everything goes her way.  Heck, I wish I could be there all year!  Here’s to all the Moms and Dads sending their kids off to school and to our sweet little ones on their first day back.  May it be the best year yet!





 …and because she is OBSESSED with all this darn poop emoji stuff, we had to bring this along!  :)


Our third grader!  We love her so much!!!


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